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You’ll efile your return for free, if you have a simple tax situation. Millions of taxpayers qualify for a free return. Generally, this includes:

  • Single or married, with no children
  • Taxable income less than $100,000
  • Claiming the standard deduction
  • W2 wages, interest income under $1,500, or unemployment income
  • Tips, taxable scholarships and fellowship grants
  • Earned Income Credit

Add your state return for $9.95

Efile Online $19.95

You’ll pay $19.95 if your life is a bit more complicated. You know – kids, investments, child care, college. Generally, this includes:

  • Children and other dependents
  • Investment or retirement income
  • Family size, child care and education tax breaks
  • Tax credit for retirement savings
  • Deductions for educator expenses, moving expenses, alimony paid and IRAs
  • Add your state return for $14.95

Efile Online $39.95

You’ll pay $39.95 if you own a business, earn more than six figures, or claim more deductions than the typical filer. Generally, this includes:

  • Taxable income over $100,000
  • Itemized deductions, such as property and state taxes, charitable donations and mortgage interest
  • Self-employment or rental income
  • Pass-through entity income
  • All other less common income sources, credits and deductions

Add your state return for $19.95

You get the fastest refund possible with direct-deposit. We’ll keep tabs on your refund status and email you whenever it changes. Data from your federal return automatically transfers to your state return.  No need for your credit cards, if you return isn’t free, you can pay our filing free with your return.

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